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  • What are your investment objectives?
  • How aware are you of your financial status? 
  • Why you should invest in your future? 
Financial Planning is the main aspect of investing, if it follows a properly defined and documented process will give the greatest chance of a successful outcome. It will not guarantee financial security or wealth but will provide an opportunity to pursue both and requires proper analysis, discipline and expertise.


  • Are you a new home buyer?
  • Looking to own a second home?
  • Consolidating your debts?
  • Interested in a rental investment?
F.I.T PLANNING Inc. Financial professionals will find you ways to get you mortgage ready, by ensuring your 3 Cs: Credibility of employment, Capacity to borrow and Credit ratings are within the approval policy of banks and lending institutions, at the rate you deserve. With the extensive expertise and through the exclusive M.E.R.I.T system! your beacon score can improve yielding to a preferred mortgage rate. 


  • Have you thought of securing your children’s higher education after high school? 
  • Will you be as productive then as you are today to cover their educational expenses? 
  • Are you aware of the different scholarship plans that are available? 
  • how about the suitability options? 
The cost of investing in your children’s education TODAY is the least expensive for when they need it. Add to that, the government is encouraging you to send your children to university where they match $1 for every $5 you invest in, and your children may qualify for an additional 15 percent bonus from some distributors on every deposit you make. while not all plans are created equally, through the exclusive M.E.R.I.T system, F.I.T. PLANNING Inc. financial professionals will guide you through the maze of planned scholarship financing.


  • Where do you see yourself when you retire?
  • Will you have enough money throughout your retirement years?
  • Are you aware that you could have up to four sources of income when you retire?
 It is all about the proper and appropriate planning ahead process , during the earning years which revolves around your written investment philosophy to support the outcome you aspire when retired. through the exclusive M.E.R.I.T system, F.I.T. PLANNING Inc. financial professionals will develop with you, a visible successful retirement road map, that has a traceable measuring sticks, throughout the planning years , resulting in, celebrated achievement of successful retirement. 


  • Do you have debts and tax obligations? 
  • How about your family responsibility? 
  • How to calculate how much insurance you need? 
  • What type of Life Insurance is best for you? 
  • At what cost? 
  • What source to get it best from? 
There are three financial stages during one’s life: accumulation, distribution and conservation leading to estate planning. Life insurance is the most economical and least expensive way to creating immediate cash at the unforeseen event, to cover the obligations to the creditors and the responsibilities towards one’s family. F.I.T. PLANNING Inc. not only will communicate your questions and concerns about the insurance maze of information, will also develop your proper and appropriate insurance plans that meets your short and long term needs, utilizing the exclusive M.E.R.I.T system which taps on the resources of many insurance companies in the market place.

Tax Planning 

  • Are you an employee or self employed?
  • Do you feel paying more than you should in income tax? 
  • Do you have a tax concern? 
  • Do you file your income tax on time? 
Tax is a three letter word which no one likes to hear. However, when dealt with properly, it is the most economical avenue to saving you money thus becoming the best investment reward you can acquire. Legally people are allowed to pay the least amount of taxes but not to evade them. F.I.T PLANNING Inc., has the expertise to access the proper and appropriate tax advantage programs, develop a deduction planning system for you to minimize your obligations!