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About Us


  • Provides clients an ongoing service to analyze, review and recommend the proper and appropriate planning, through an exclusive client driven IMERIT system, where our financial professionals work with clients to achieve their optimum potential, supporting them by unbiased recommendations. 

    The MERIT system was introduced since the company’s inception in 1996, and its success speaks for itself. The MERIT system is an educational decision making mechanism, that provide clients with holistic financial coaching, to enable them to acquire combined financial growth and security options, that optimize their financial prosperity.
  • Has an alliance with other independent financial professionals to enrich clients value added services, through a combined wealth of financial resources to clients who seek the best financial awareness and empowerment.
  • Business model is two folds where clients can either benefit from a fee-for-service consultation or market specific products.

Meet The CEO 

Merched Khoury CEO, EPC, RLU


As a financial coach, educator, visionary and a leader on money matters, Merched packs over three decades of extensive financial experience, assissting businesses and individuals alike to realize their financial dreams, by keeping them on a consistent and clear path to achieving their vision. 


Over the years, Merched’s analytical and numerical aptitude to identify trends using key market metrics, has been instrumental in the financial success of many clients over the years. Furthermore, through the means of cutting unnecessary costs and incorporating planned tax reductions. Merched positions his clients to successfully either make or save money.

Custom Advice

Merched’s philosophy is based on empowering clients with their financial abilities, coupled with keeping them aware of the financial changes that may affect their financial road map, as he coaches them to accomplishing their vision towards financial freedom. 


In 1989, Merched began his financial career, in the financial services sector. In 1996, he then set up F.I.T PLANNING Inc. to expand throughout Ontario, providing comprehensive financial models to clients, with the ultimate objective of achieving their financial desires in a timely fashion. A prominent Ottawa lawyer’s wealth portfolio grew exponentially in under 15 years.
  • An Ottawa based entrepreneur expanded his business four folds in under 17 years.  
  • Through a structured savings and investment planning, a restaurant owner was able, instead of continuing to rent a place in a plaza, to purchase the entire plaza. Today, the estimated value of the plaza is worth close to $2 million. 
  • Through community work, and while being the board treasurer of the Overbrook and Forbes Community Center, the budget of the Center, grew from $325k to $1.8 million within a period of 5 years.